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Payment related

  • What is the exchange rate?

    The exchange is floating, it changes from time to time. Current effective exchange rate is
    1 RM = 1.69 CNY
    1 RM = 7.60 TWD

  • What is My Prepay account?

    It’s the cash balance in your 65daigou account. All your top up, refund from cancelled orders or orders out of stock, will be credited into it. It can used to pay for your new orders or bills.

  • Can I withdraw My Prepay account balance?

    Yes. If you have no outstanding payment with us, you can withdraw the remaining amount any time, by submitting the bank account information under "My Prepay" - "Withdraw Now". We support Maybank and Public Bank transfer. Please take note that top up via PayPal or credit card can only be fully or partially refunded back to the original source, cash withdrawal is not allowed.

  • What is transaction number?

    Transaction number is the transaction reference number provided by bank after you complete a transaction. For ATM transfer or deposit, it’s a transaction number shown on the receipt. For i-banking, the transaction number shown on the webpage informing you that the transaction is successful, so please copy it down before closing the page.

  • Why does my top up not reflected in My Prepay?

    It could be because your procedures are wrong. After you transfer money to us, you need to inform us to verify by submitting the top up request form under "My PrePay" - "Top up" page. Our finance department will then verify your transaction within a few office hours.

  • How to check if my Top Up is successful?

    Under "My Prepay" you can see the all the recent top up history. From there you check if a top up is successful, rejected or still pending verification. You will receive push message notifications if you have installed our IOS, we will also send you a notice via sms.

  • Why is my Top Up rejected?

    The top up request may be rejected if the information submitted does not tally with the bank transaction record. So please double check your bank transaction record and submit again with the correct details. Date and transaction amount must be accurately entered.

  • What is minimum payable amount?

    The “minimum payable amount” appears when you select a certain bill to pay. It’s the minimum amount required to top up in order to pay the selected bill. You can de-select the bill number in order to top up any amount less than the “minimum payable amount”.

  • Can I know the overall cost before placing orders?

    1st Payment (product payment) can be viewed when checking out orders. 2nd payment (international shipping fee & agent fee) cannot be confirmed before placing order, because the international shipping fee depends on the actual weight/volumetric weight of your items, which we don’t know until the orders are received. However, if you can estimate the weight/volumetric weight, you can do estimation by yourself by using our Cost Calculator .

Order related

  • Can I modify or cancel orders?

    It depends on the status of your orders. Before your orders are processed, you can go to “my orders” and click “edit” to modify or cancel orders. To modify, you can replace or add new remarks; to cancel, you can write “cancel this order” in order remarks, we will then process accordingly. However, once the order is processed, you will be unable to see the “edit” button and the order cannot be modified or cancelled any more.

  • Can I add new orders?

    Yes, you can add in new orders anytime. However in order to ship all orders together in one parcel, please wait all of your orders reached to warehouse then arrange to ship out these orders in "My Shipment".

  • Can I get seller's promotion or discount price?

    You can enjoy all promotion price or conditional offers (eg. free local courier with a minimum spending amount), sometimes our EZ-buy function cannot capture such special price, but you can manually edit the price if you fulfill the condition and write in the remark accordingly.

  • Can I bargain with the seller if I purchase in bulk?

    Yes, you can negotiate with the seller and agree on a discounted price. When you submit orders to us, please state the agreed price and the name or number you used to communicate with the seller so that she or he will know we are purchasing on behalf of you.

  • Can I buy from websites other from taobao?

    Yes, currently we can buy from all websites from China and Taiwan as long as the websites support a secured payment system like PayPal or Alipay. You can find some recommended websites on our homepage or you can send the particular website to us via enquiry if you are not sure.

  • Is there any minimum purchase required?

    No, no minimum purchase required. You can order any amount of items or price. However, to order a few items to ship together is more economic, as the international shipping fee for 1st 500g is higher. In addition, the shipping fee is calculated as per every 500g, means the shipping fee is the same for one piece of 100g item or four pieces of 100g items.

  • Can I buy food, liquid or medicine?

    We can ship small capacity of liquid via special air or sea shipment. We can't ship any form of medicine and food. You can check out other prohibited or controlled items in the quick guide.

Shipping related

  • Will the parcel arrive before or after ETA?

    Yes, it's possible. The ETA date is an estimation, 95% of parcels will arrive on or before ETA date. However, it could also arrive after ETA date when uncontrollable situations like custom inspection, clearance delay, vessel or flight delay or bad weather happen.

  • Can I cancel my parcel?

    No, once the parcel is generated to ship, we can't cancel it for you any more. It could have already been packed and handled to logistic company even the status has not been updated yet.

  • Why is my item heavier than it weighs?

    The item may have a larger volumetric weight.

  • What is volumetric weight and chargeable weight?

    Volumetric weight is calculated based on the space it occupies. Chargeable weight is the parcel's final weight when it's shipped. Please refer to quick guide related sessions for more details.

  • Can I ship fragile items?

    Yes, we do ship some of the fragile items but not all of them. Certain items are very difficult to be protected well, like big mirrors, extremely delicate carvings, etc. They have a high chance to get damaged during international shipping. We can try our best to help you protect and ship, but we will not compensate if it's still damaged.

Delivery related

After Sale Issues

  • Can I get a refund from the seller if the product has quality issue?

    It depends, not all sellers will offer to refund. Typical solutions provided by sellers are partial refund or return the product for full refund, repairing, one to one exchange etc. We can help you negotiate with the sellers for possible solutions after receiving your feedback on the issue with supporting pictures and descriptions. You may as well bear the shipping cost incur duiring the process. However, some of the sellers may reject any form of compensation if they deny the responsiblity of the product issues.

  • Do I need to buy insurance for my items?

    Insurance is not compulsory. We offer free compensation of value up to RM200 for each parcel if the items inside are damaged, lost or having any issues listed in our inspection coverage . For high value items, you may buy insurance for them in order to get a full compensation equivalent to the full amount of product price and the shipping cost of the items, capped at RM2000.

  • How can I return the wrong items to you?

    All returns must be liaised with after-sale team via email or enquires first, upon agreement, it can be returned in original condition to any of our fixed free collection points during the scheduled time slot, or to our home delivery staff during your next delivery. Returns without agreement will not be accepted and we will not be responsible if these returns are lost or damaged due to the absence of tracking records.

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