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Updated on 26th Feb 2012

Return and Refund Policy

Daigou return policy
Risk exists when purchasing from overseas, especially from platforms like Taobao, eBay which consists of many individual sellers. Though the risk cannot be eliminated, 65daigou will always help customers to lower risk. Under below circumstances, you can claim your loss directly from 65daigou.
1. Wrong items or damaged items
Once orders arrive at our Guangzhou warehouse, inspection will be done to check quantity, size, color, design of the product and obvious visual defects, for items value above 50RMB. If the items you receive have any of these problems, you are eligible to make a full refund claim from 65daigou (up to RM200). Please take a photo of the item with a short description of the problems and send mail to [email protected] within 3 days after delivery / collection, our after-sale team will check and reply to you within 3 working days.. If item is damaged during transportation, please report to 65daigou via email with photos of the damage. If damaged is caused by insufficient protection / inappropriate packaging, we will compensate base on the severity of damages. Compensation amount is up to RM200.
* For items value below 50RMB, inspection only includes quantity check.
* For bulk purchase, random inspection will be conducted. For example, you have 1 single order with quantity above 100 pieces; we will randomly check the color, design & etc. instead of piece by piece, and guarantee 95% accuracy in quantity.
* Product quality & functionality test are not included in our inspection. 65daigou will not be responsible for quality & functionality related issues. However, you can still report to us if item received is faulty / malfunction, we will help you negotiate with seller for repair / exchange if seller agrees to do so, but you need to bear the shipping cost for repair / exchange.
2. Loss of items:
If your items are lost in transit, we will make compensation for your lost items up to RM200 under our free insurance policy.
*For the loss of custom sensitive items, please refer to "Custom Related" session.
*Important note*
Return of goods will not be accepted under any of the following situations:
A. item has been used
B. the original packaging is lost or changed

Return / replacement will not be accepted under any of the following situations:
A. item has been used
B. the original packaging is lost or changed

Return and refund procedures
Step One: If wrong item or damaged item is received, please send email to [email protected]  with order number, your user name, photo and simple description to report the case. If you received your parcel with scratches ( in bad condition ), please double check your parcel before you sign the consignment note. If the goods are damaged, please note down "received with damaged item" on consignment note and take a picture as prove. Remember to take picture regarding the damaged item and damaged packaging as well, then send both pictures to us within 3 working days after you receive parcel.

Step Two: Our staff will investigate your reported case. If case is validated, we will email you for refund or return. 

Step Three: With the confirmation from our staff, you can return the item to our office by post. Kindly help to keep the order tag preserved for checking and refund. (Return postage is not refundable)

Step Four: Please email to [email protected]  afterwards, refund will be deposited into your PrePay account in 65daigou and is feasible for any bill payment. If you want to withdraw this refund, please go to “My Prepay” and click “Withdraw” to fill up your bank account information. Withdraw will be processed within 5 working days.

Step Five: If you did not receive refund within 10 days after returning back the item, pls email [email protected]  immediately, we will check for you on spot.  Complaint If you are not satisfied with our services or staff (including service, order operations, etc.), please send email to [email protected]
Custom Related
Custom sensitive items like cosmetics, liquid, cream, battery, harddisk, air-tight food, fake branded items and etc. are likely to be inspected and confiscated by Custom of China or Malaysia and the shipping cycle could be delayed as a result. 65daigou will not be responsible for the loss of those items during custom inspection, or any consequence caused by purchasing such items.
Note: Rules and regulations written in this website are subjected to change. 65daigou reserves the right to amend and explain rules and regulations.
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